Coconut & Lime Pre and After Wax Oil -1 Litre

Coconut & Lime Pre and After Wax Oil – 1 Litre

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Product Description

With Australian Tea Tree The scent of an island paradise your clients will adore.

A versatile treatment oil for pre and post waxing can also be used to aid in the setting time of our our matching Coconut & Lime Hot Wax to maximize speed and efficiency. Apply a small amount on top of hot wax application and press firmly before removal.

Coconut and olive oils soften and protect delicate skin prior to application of hot/strip less wax, after the skin has been cleansed apply a fine layer of oil to act as a barrier before application of hot wax.

Tea Tree and lime oil combine antiseptic and antioxidant properties making it a perfect choice as a post wax oil to soothe and protect skin after hot or strip wax application. Apply to waxed skin with light massage movements.

This product may be recommended for home use for clients suffering dry/ scaly skin conditions.


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